Homework Handbook

“Mum, Dad! I need help with my homework!”

Do you dread this sentence?

Most parents feel at a loss sometimes to offer useful help to their children when homework beckons. Homework Handbook aims to lift the confusion surrounding common homework topics and allow parents to give homework help with confidence.

Ever wondered how they teach long division these days? Or what this ‘chunking’ method is that your child comes home talking about? Ever tried to teach your child how to tell the time but left them more confused than ever? Homework Handbook shows parents the best and most simple ways to teach common concepts, one step at a time, so parents can be involved in their children’s schoolwork, and support them during their time at primary school.

We offer help with common maths and English topics – just search the menus above. Whether your child has come home with a piece of homework, or his teacher has said he needs help with in a certain area of his learning, Homework Handbook should be able to provide the support and help your child needs to improve his maths or English. If there is a topic you need help with that isn’t here – please leave a comment in the comments section as this will help us to improve our website.


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